Elena FPL LED Tube Light


Elena FPL LED Tube light lamp is available in 16 W power, which is used for home, office and commercial lighting.


Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
IEC 60598-1:2008
Easy repair
Ceiling light
IP code
Eco friendly
No UV rays
5 year warranty
High resistance
LED light source

product code
Electrical Specifications
Nominal input voltage (V-AC/HZ)230/50
Input voltage range (V-AC/HZ) 90-270/50-60
Nominal input current (A)0.07
Power FactorPF>0.95
Number of LEDs (pcs)72
Nominal power of each (W)0.2
System power consumption (W)15
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<20%
Operating voltage of the LED module (Vdc)38
Lighting specifications
Parameter 15W
Type of Light SourceSMD LED
Luminous Flux (Lm)1650
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W)110
Lumen maintenance factor after 1000 hours 98%
Color Rendering Index Ra>70
Color temperature (Initial and maintained value)(°K) (±300)5700، 4000، 3000
Chromaticity Coordinates7SDCM
Maintain light flux code
Nominal median lifetime, (L70, B50) (h)50,000
Mechanical specifications
Degree of Protection (IP)IP42
Mechanical impact resistanceIK07
Body MaterialExtruded aluminum
Lamp Holder2G11
Body CoverAnodizing
PCB Board MaterialAluminum PCB and Super-clear coating with a thickness of 1.2mm
Working Temperature Range(°C)-20 ~ +50
Gender the final Wall LuminousPolycarbonate Talc
LED Module TypeSeparate Ballast
LED Module StructureIntegrated
External Dimensions (mm)28*43*410
PackingResistant Carton with Color Printing

Light diffusion curve
Product dimensions

Elena FPL LED Tube Light

FPL stands for Fluorescent Parallel Lamp. Fluorescent fluorescent lamps, which are called FPL lamps, are used for lighting homes and workplaces. FPL LED Tube light lamp can be used instead of old Tube light.

The features of FPL lamps, including: long life, optimal performance and beautiful appearance, have made many people demand them. Over time, incandescent lamps left the market and were replaced by energy-efficient LED lamps. In fact, their advantages and more variety compared to incandescent lamps have made LED lamps popular.

LED lamp itself is abbreviated as Light Emitting Diode, which means light emitting diode. In the past, the color of light in LED lamps was red and green, but now this problem has been solved.

How did the FPL LED Tube light lamp appear?

With the expansion of LED lamps, FPL lamps were changed to FPL LED lamps. With the use of LED technology in FPL lamps, there is no more harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays because these rays are harmful to the skin and eyes.

The way the FP LED Tube light lamp is placed is that it is installed on the frame and its moonlight is low consumption.

Feature of FPL LED Tube light lamp
  • Repairing the FPL LED lamp is easy
  • There are no infrared and violet rays in it, it does not harm the eyes
  • The optical efficiency of the FPL LED lamp is more than 90%
  • It is compatible with the environment and can be recycled
  • The starter does not vibrate when it is turned on
  • You save energy

Conditions of use of FPL LED lamp

  1. It is used in cold, dry and humid spaces
  2. FPL LED lamps should not be used with dimmer control equipment
  3. Power must be turned off during installation
FPL LED Tube light lamp color
Proper lighting has a significant impact on the people in the environment, and this has made the way of lighting and the color of light become more important. Due to this problem, the FPL LED lamp has a high light color and can meet all the needs of a customer.
The healthy light of the FPL LED lamp
As mentioned above, two ultraviolet and infrared rays harm the skin and human health. Especially the longer you use it. While most of the lamps include these two rays, these items are not used in the FPL LED lamp, and having a high color separation, it also has a completely healthy light spread and spread.
Using SMD technology in FPL LED lamp

SMD is a technology that increases the lifespan of the electronic board. The board of the lights has a regular structure in such a way that the components of the FPL LED lamp, such as resistors and sockets, are placed on the screen without hands. So it can be said that the energy loss is less because the moving parts are no longer connected and the errors that were made by human hands are no longer made.


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