T8 LED Tube Light


Ayla LED Tube Light lamp is available in 10, 20 and 25 W, which is used for home, office and commercial lighting.


Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
IEC 60598-1:2008
Impact Protection
Easy repair
Ceiling light
IP code
Eco friendly
No UV rays
5 year warranty
High resistance
LED light source

product code
Electrical Specifications
Nominal input voltage (V-AC/HZ)230/50
Input voltage range (V-AC/HZ) 90-270/50-60
Nominal input current (A)
Power FactorPF>0.95
Number of LEDs (pcs)60120180
Nominal power of each (W)0.16
System power consumption (W)102025
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<20%
Operating voltage of the LED module (Vdc)38
Lighting specifications
Parameter 10W20W25W
Type of Light SourceSMD LED
Luminous Flux (Lm)110022002750
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W)110
Lumen maintenance factor after 1000 hours 98%
Color Rendering Index Ra>70
Color temperature (Initial and maintained value)(°K) (±300)5700، 4000، 3000
Chromaticity Coordinates7SDCM
Maintain light flux code
Nominal median lifetime, (L70, B50) (h)50,000
Mechanical specifications
Degree of Protection (IP)IP42
Mechanical impact resistanceIK07
Body MaterialExtruded aluminum
Lamp HolderG13
Body CoverAnodizing
PCB Board MaterialAluminum PCB and Super-clear coating with a thickness of 1.2mm
Working Temperature Range(°C)-20 ~ +50
Gender the final Wall LuminousPolycarbonate Talc
LED Module TypeSeparate Ballast
LED Module StructureIntegrated
External Dimensions (mm)26*60026*120026*1500
PackingResistant Carton with Color Printing

Light diffusion curve
Product dimensions

LED Tube Light

LED lamps have more advantages than incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. One of the reasons why people tend to buy LED lamps is their low electricity consumption. In fact, this advantage has caused cost savings. Other advantages of LED lamps include the following:
  • Less environmental pollution
  • They produce less heat
  • LEDs have more light
  • They have a long life
  • Their light intensity does not decrease with a lot of use
  • Their color variety is high
Due to the replacement of LED lamps with low-consumption and filament lamps, as a result, LED Tube Light can also be a suitable alternative to fluorescent moonlight. The design of LED Tube Light is such that ultraviolet rays are no longer produced and mercury gas is not used in it. On the other hand, the transformer and starter are not installed in the LED Tube Light, which reduces the cost of the lamp in the purchase of the LED Tube Light.
Things to consider before using LED moonlight
When using LED Tube Light, according to the environment and the desired space, we realize that some places need only one light and some other places need lighting in the whole environment. One of the positive features of LED Tube Light is the variable number of their lamps. For example, in environments such as small corridors, one LED Tube Light with two lamps is used, and in large environments, such as large rooms, several LED Tube Light with four lamps are used so that the light of the environment is fully provided.
Before installing the LED Tube Light in places with moisture, you should make sure that this Tube Light is suitable for humid places or not, because one of the uses of LED Tube Light is in bathrooms or even open places.

Application of SMD in LED Tube Light

Nowadays, LED Tube Light lamps are made with SMD technology. SMD technology increases the lifespan of electronic boards. Resistor, socket and LED are placed on the screen without manual intervention.
LED Tube Light is used in lighting the work environment by using LED technology. LED Tube Light is more useful for ceilings with a low height because they can be easily connected to the ceiling and there is no distance between the LED Tube Light and the holder, and in a ceiling with a standard height, using LED Tube Light causes the ceiling can be seen from a higher height.

With LED Tube Light, we are far away from complicated wiring and their constant repair and even dimming and increasing light, because from the time of installation to the last moments of its operation, it will most likely not find any problems and provide quality light without vibration. Gives.

LED Tube Light is excellent in terms of visibility and light distribution, so that it does not cause eye irritation, and most importantly, it has the ability to be used in any place. LED moonlight is widely used in places where costs need to be saved, because it has a high luminous flux and we need fewer light sources, and thus they consume less in exchange for high luminous flux

Advantages of LED Tube Light
  • Long life

  • Ability to repair

  • High optical efficiency

  • Removal of choke and starter

  • Impact resistant

  • Reduction of optical losses (because the angle of light radiation is maximum 180 degrees.)

Aylla LED Tube Light

According to the provided statistics, about 38% of the country’s electricity consumption is occupied by residential houses and commercial places, of which about 11.2% belongs to lighting. Therefore, by optimizing the lighting system of these places, it is possible to save the country’s electricity consumption and its costs.

LED lamp is the best and most economical option to improve and modify the internal lighting system. In an article entitled LED lamp, we have discussed this completely and comprehensively. But here we will review 10 watt, 20 W and 25 W LED Tube Light.

Removal of choke and starter
The design of the Ayla Tube Light LED lamp is such that it does not require a choke or starter. It means that the phase and neutral are connected directly to the lamp, which, in addition to the ease of installation, eliminates the consumption of the starter and choke, which is about 10 W.


“Lighting benefit” is a familiar term for lighting industry professionals. which is one of the most important characteristics of lamps and lights and it is a quantity that refers to the ratio of the pivot taken out of the lamp to the power consumption of the lamp.
The use of LED in the manufacture of lamps has resulted in a significant increase in light output, which is 110 lumens per W in Ayla’s 10 watt moonlight LED lamp.


One of the goals of the designers of LED lamps, from the design and manufacture of lamps with this technology, is to increase the lifespan of the lamps. Ayla is a lamp with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is a significant number compared to other technologies

LED Tube Light repair

Another strength of Ayla LED Tube Light lamp is its reparability. This increases its lifespan. This feature did not exist in fluorescent lamps, and in case of a problem, the lamp would be useless. And since Ayla has a 5-year golden warranty, there is no need to worry about its failure

Degree of protection or IP

Although the degree of protection is less important in the LED lamp that is used in the interior, but the industrial group of Shayan Bargh has also paid attention to the degree of protection of these lamps and this lamp has IP42.

Body material  

Unlike the fluorescent LED Tube Light lamp, whose entire body is made of glass, and practically half of the hinges of the lamp are wasted, in the LED LED Tube Light lamp, the design is done in such a way that half of the lamp body is made of extruded aluminum, so as to repel Proper heating can also prevent the waste of hinges. The other half of the  coating lamp is polycarbonate, which reflects the light easily and does not have the problem of breakage due to impact.


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