Kolbeh Wall Sconces Light



Kolbeh LED wall light is suitable for outdoor uses. The body of this product is cast aluminum and its handle is ST-37 steel. This product is produced with a height of 410 mm and a diameter of 326 mm. Its color coating is electrostatic powder paint that is resistant to corrosion and sunlight, and LED lamps are used in it.

Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
Easy repair
Eco friendly
No UV rays
High resistance
LED light source
One year warranty
Specifications Of Kolbeh LED Wall Light
Product codeSH-SLK
Body Material Cast aluminum
Handle Material Steel ST-37
Bubble MaterialPolycarbonate
Color coating
Electrostatic Powder Color
Type of Light Source LED Lamp (in different powers according to need)
Light Dimensions 200*300
Full Dimensions Of Light (with handle) 410*326
CapabilitiesParks, yards, pools, villas, etc.
PackingResistant Carton with Color Printing


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