Gahar 1 Decorative Light Pole



The Gahar 1 decorative light pole, is designed and made with a steel body and an aluminum cover. The coating of aluminum parts is electrostatic color and the coating of steel parts is polyurethane color. This pole can also be used in parks, recreational areas, tourism, religious places, gardens, etc.


  • The pole includes 1 piece of pipe with a diameter of 90 mm.
  • Can be made with one-way, two-way and three-way handles.
  • You can use bolts and coils or ready (portable) foundations.
High resistance
One year warranty

Product Code
gahar1 decorative light poleOne-sidedtwo-sidedthree-sided
3 mSH-DPG11-3SH-DPG12-3H-DPG13-3
4 mSH-DPG11-4SH-DPG12-4SH-DPG13-4
gahar1 decorative light Pole
Height3 , 4 m
Color covering of steel partsElectrostatic or polyurethane
pipe materialsteel ST-37
Flange materialsteel ST-37
Material of covers and decorative piecesCasting aluminium
Color covering of aluminum piecesElectrostatic powder color
The thickness of the pipes2 mm
Type of coveringWarm galvanized According to ASTM A123 standard
pipes connectionsUtilizing ring and CO2 welding
type of pipe holderhaving one-sided, two-sided, three Sided and four Sided.
cover height90 cm
Basic wind speed in design120 kilometers per hour
Mountable light typeAll types of garden and street light

  • In special conditions, a combination coating of galvanized and color can be used for steel parts.
Product dimensions


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