Traffic Camera Pole



The pole of the traffic cameras produced by Shayan electric Industrial Group is made in two polyhedral and tubular models with a height of 4 to 12 meters. Technical specifications and further explanations can be seen below.

High resistance
One year warranty
Traffic camera pole specifications
Height4 to 12 meters
Arm length0.5 to 6 meters
MaterialSteel ST-37
Type coveringWarm galvanized According to ASTM A123
Cross-sectional shapePolyhedral
  • In special conditions, a combination coating of galvanized and paint can be used for steel parts
Product dimensions

Traffic camera pole

Providing security is always one of the goals of humans. As you know, lighting is one of the requirements to create security at night. In addition to lighting, to increase security, road cameras should be used suitable for the intended environment, also considering that the traffic control of streets, highways, and public centers is mechanized and should be equipped with CCTV cameras. The need to build a camera base was seen by urban furniture equipment manufacturers.

The camera pole is an important part on which the cameras are installed. Therefore, the pole of the traffic camera should be made in such a way that due to the presence of strong and vibrating winds, no vibration is created in the image, for this purpose, sheets with a higher thickness are used. Creating a CCTV system in external environments brings challenges, one of these challenges is choosing the right camera pole in terms of material and required height.


The pole of traffic cameras is in two tubular and polyhedral models, which are made according to the area where we want to install the pole, as well as the weather and the height of the pole. When choosing a camera pole, you should pay attention to the conditions of the desired environment. One of the important features of the street camera pole is its material, which has a direct impact on the pole’s weight, resistance, and price. The material of the body is warm galvanized and epoxy and both are approved and have acceptable durability. However, it is better to use warm galvanized in cities with warm weather.


Another important issue in choosing a camera Pole is its type of cover. Because its cover should be such that it has the necessary resistance against environmental factors such as snow, rain, etc.

The coating type of this base is galvanized, which increases the life of the base. Also, in this base, the outer rain panel is used for camera equipment.


The height of the camera base also affects the choice of material. Also, according to the basic wind speed, the area where the camera base should be installed should be proportional to the height of the pole.

Traffic foundations are generally designed and built by Shayan electric Industrial Group in polyhedral form, with flanges and from 4 to 12 meters high.

The camera pole is divided into different grades according to the customer’s request, depending on the area used and the desired quality of the received images (without vibration of the pole).

The traffic camera poles  are used in 4 modes:

  • In the traffic plan to control the entry and exit of cars in the traffic plan
  • To install a camera to record the violations of city drivers
  • Video surveillance of roads
  • Security and protection matters

advantages of traffic camera poles

  • Control of traffic violations
  • Communication with the traffic police
  • Reducing cases such as destruction, vandalism and theft
  • Detecting the traffic situation
  • Controlling the behavior of drivers
  • Securing the main and secondary roads

How to connect the pieces for the traffic camera pole that has a high height is possible in three ways:

  • welding
  • overlaping
  • bolt and nut


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