نمای پشت چراغ خیابانی رامند 1
نمای کنار چراغ خیابانی رامند 1 - در بسته
نمای کنار چراغ خیابانی رامند 1

Ramand 1 LED Street Light



Ramand 1 LED street light is produced and supplied in 20, 30, 35, 50, 60, 75, 80 watts, which are used in lighting projects according to the width of the road and also the height of the base. According to the intensity of lighting needed in the project, you can use the Ramand street lamp with the required power.

This product has national standards:

  • ISIRI 5920-1
  • ISIRI 5920-2-3
  • IEC 60598
  • INSO 20873-2-1
  • INSO 16075
  • INSO 7644-2-13
  • INSO 20873-1.
Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
IEC 60598-1:2008
Impact Protection
Easy repair
Street Light
IP code
Eco friendly
No UV rays
5 year warranty
High resistance
LED light source

Product Code
Electrical specifications
Nominal input voltage (V-AC/HZ)230/50
Input voltage range (V-AC/HZ) 90-270/50-60
Nominal input current (A)0.1040.150.17
Power factorPF>0.95
Number of LEDs (pcs)244816
Number of LED modules (pcs)121
Nominal power of each LED (W)15
System power consumption (W)21333854658085
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<10%
Operating voltage of the LED module (Vdc)3648
Luminous Specifications
Parameter 20W30W35W50W60W 75W80W
Type of Light SourceSMD LED
Luminous Flux (Lm) 240036004200600072009000 9600
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W)120
Lumen maintenance factor after 1000 hours 98%
Color rendering index (CRI) Ra>70
Color temperature (Initial and maintained value)(°K) (±300)5700، 4000، 3000
Luminous intensity at the center of the systemAsymmetric street light distribution
Chromaticity Coordinates7SDCM
Photometric Code740/779
Maintain light flux code
Nominal median lifetime, (L70, B50) (h)50,000
Mechanical specifications
Parameter20W30W35W50W60W75W 80W
Degree of Protection (IP)IP66
Mechanical impact resistanceIK07
Body MaterialAll diecast aluminum
Body CoverElectrostatic Powder Color With Code RAL 7024
Easy access lid to the light output terminalHave
Working Temperature Range(°C)-20 ~ +50
The maximum temperature TC (body temperature) (°C)400C470C560C680C
Acceptable Moisture (%)UP TO 95%
Gender the final Wall LuminousTempered Flat Glass
Weight (kg)33.153.25
Pipe holder diameter33
External Dimensions (mm)75*215*385
packingpowerful color printing

Light diffusion curve
Product dimensions

The lighting of passages and large spaces is a must that leads to the peace and safety of passers-by. The high energy consumption of old generation lights, in addition to things like shorter lifespan, delay in turning on and off, light pollution, etc., leads to air pollution due to the use of fossil fuels in power plants. The development of technology solved these problems by using LED street lights. Shayan Electric production group has produced the Ramand model LED street light by taking into account all the standards of Tavanir iran and items such as appearance beauty and high quality and safety.

Ramand LED street light, in addition to having features and advantages such as adjustable pipe holder (handle), uniform light distribution, is designed in such a way that, in addition to the mentioned items, the design of the body is in such a way as to allow air flow with aerodynamic techniques. A higher speed leads to cooling of the lighting part. Another distinctive feature of the Ramand model is the separation of the two light and electrical parts of the lamp, which has provided faster access for the maintenance of this type of lamp.

It is worth mentioning that the LED street lights produced by Shayan Bargh Industrial Group have been approved by reliable laboratories and are produced according to national standards 3-2-14878 and 1-14878

Degree of protection or IP

Ramand street light has approval from reference laboratories and IP66 degree of protection. Therefore, it is fully protected against high-pressure water spraying by water jet from different directions and the entry of dust and foreign objects

Body Material

Most of the products of the production group of Shayan Electric have a body made of die-cast aluminum. The Ramand street light has a body made of die-cast aluminum, which reduces the weight of the lights to an optimal level.


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