Latice lighting tower



Lattice lighting towers are used to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, wharves, oil warehouses, etc. by installing projectors on baskets.

Maintenance for lattice towers can be done through the ladder installed on the body of these towers. To choose a suitable product, after designing the lighting and determining the height, installation angle, number and type of projector, according to the dimensions and weight of the projector, as well as the performance mechanism, according to the conditions of use of the Lattice tower, choose the right product.

Installing lattice towers is not suitable for areas that currently or in the future have many light barriers such as trees.

Electrical characteristics: the ability to install an access valve or a suitable panel for installing an electrical panel, the ability to install all explosion-proof equipment, the ability to install an arrester, the ability to install an electrical panel with the degree of protection requested by the customer

Design and production capabilities:

  • The possibility of designing and building lattice towers for special or multi-purpose applications
  • Required foundation design capability
  • Has a ladder and guard
  • It has a basket for the deployment of the operator for repairs and installation of spotlights
High resistance
One year warranty
lattice lighting tower
Height12 and 15 meters
MaterialSteel ST-37
Type coveringWarm galvanized According to ASTM A123
Pipe’s connectionUtilizing semi-automatic CO2 welding
Connection of Sectionsbolts and nuts grade 8.8
  • In special conditions, a combination coating of galvanized and color can be used for steel part.
Product dimensions


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