High mast lighting tower



The lighting tower (light tower) is used for lighting large areas. The lighting tower is designed in two models, mobile basket and fixed basket, and can be built in 6 to 50 meters.

  • It has an electric and manual ascent and descent system
  • Equipped with Inter Lock anti-fall locking system
  • Equipped with aluminum pulleys for wire ropes and Artalon pulleys for cables
  • Equipped with a remote switch
  • Equipped with steel wire ropes
  • Balanced weights
High resistance
One year warranty
High mast light tower
Height18 to 50 meters
Pipe and flange materialSteel ST-37
Material of the axis of the pulleyssolid steel
Type coveringWarm galvanized According to ASTM A123
Welding typeSemi-automatic CO2 or press welding
Primer color coatingzinc rich, epoxy
Final layer color coatingepoxy, Polyurethane
Mountable Light Typetypes of Flood Light according to lighting calculations
  • In special conditions, a combination coating of galvanized and color can be used for steel part.
Product dimensions

High mast lighting tower

The lighting tower is used for lighting large areas and considering that the height of the lighting tower is very high, you should think of a solution to raise the lights, which is solved in the design of the light tower. Because this lighting tower is designed in two models, mobile basket and fixed basket, in the type of automatic moving basket, the tower’s mechanical driving force system is a gearbox type with its own electric motor and has a mechanical lock.

Lighting tower body cover

The coating of all parts is warm galvanized. The towing wire is also galvanized with steel feeder.

The tower switchboard has manual and automatic functions, and high-quality parts are used in its construction. (According to the employer’s request, the board can be external as well.)

To prevent pressure on the gearbox, a balance weight made of cast iron is used.

The towing wire is galvanized with a steel core.

Calculations related to the thickness of the structure are done according to the geographical location of the tower installation site and the wind speed (Km/h).

Also, the lightning rod is placed in the highest part of the light tower and the flashing light is installed on the basket.

It should be noted that this system is affordable for flood light repairs. (in terms of crane cost or space limitation)

The light used on the lighting tower

In the lighting tower, you can use all kinds of LED flood light with different powers depending on the lighting design (which is done according to the desired lighting level).


The round basket lighting tower includes a 5-year warranty.


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