Keeyow Garden Light Pole



Berlin standing garden light pole is made of ST-37 steel and is produced and supplied with a height of 2 to 3 meters. This pole is used in garden, recreational areas, tourism, religious places, gardens, streets, roads, etc.


  • It has a cast aluminum handle on both sides

  • It is possible to choose and change the color

  • The height of the pole is from the bottom of the flange to the place where the light is installed
High resistance
One year warranty

product code (1)
keeyou1 garden light poleOne-sidedTwo-sided
2 mSH-GPK11-2SH-GPK12-2
3 mSH-GPK11-3SH-GPK12-3
product code (2)
keeyou2 garden light poleOne-sidedTwo-sidedThree-sided
2 mSH-GPK21-2SH-GPK22-2SH-GPK23-2
3 mSH-GPK21-3SH-GPK22-3SH-GPK23-3
product code (3)
keeyou3 garden light poleOne-sidedTwo-sided
2 mSH-GPK31-2SH-GPK32-2
3 mSH-GPK31-3SH-GPK32-3
product code (4)
keeyou4 garden light poleOne-sidedTwo-sidedThree-sided
2 mSH-GPK41-2SH-GPK42-2SH-GPK43-2
3 mSH-GPK41-3SH-GPK42-3SH-GPK43-3
keeyou garden light pole
Height2.5 to 3 meters (the height of the light pole is from the bottom of the pole flange to the bottom of the light)
MaterialCasting aluminum
Color coverElectrostatic
Body’s thickness2 mm
Profile diameter73 and 85 mm
type of pipe holderone-sided, two-sided and three sided
Mountable light typeAll types of garden lights


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