Piped Street Light Pole


Piped street light pole with a height of 3 to 12 meters can be produced from ST-37 steel with hot galvanized coating or polyurethane paint, which makes it durable and resistant to different weather conditions.
High resistance
One year warranty
piped street light pole
Height3 to 12 meters
Pipe and flange materialSteel ST-37
Color coveringwarm galvanized or polyurethane color
Galvanized thicknessAccording to ASTMA123 standard
Body’s thickness2, 3 or 4 mm
Pipe’s connectionSemi-automatic CO2 or press welding
Type of pipe holderOne-way, two-way, three-way or four-way steel
Mountable Light TypeAll types of street lights
  • In special conditions, a combination coating of galvanized and paint can be used for steel parts.
Product dimensions

Piped Pole

Piped street light pole is a type of pole. With the increasing development of design science and the increasing need for urban beautification projects, the appearance of the elements used in public places became especially important.

The Piped street light pole from Shayan Bargh Industrial Group’s pole light collection is produced with hot galvanized coating or polyurethane paint or both at heights of 3 to 12 meters. which is very suitable for use in urban and suburban roads.

Choosing the height of the design and production of this pole is the responsibility of the employer.

The pipe cutting operation is done by a band saw, and metal pressing or conversion is applied on the pipes, and welding is done by CO2 welding machine.


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