Himalaya3 LED flood Light



Himalia 3 LED floodlight is produced and supplied in 300 and 400 watt power, which according to the intensity of lighting needed in the project, you can use Himalia 3 floodlight with the required power.

This product has the following national and international standards:

ISIRI 5920-1

  • ISIRI 5920-2-5
  • INSO 20873-2-1
  • INSO 16075
  • INSO 7644-2-13
  • INSO 20873-1
  • ISIRI 2868
  • IEC LM – 80
  • IEC 60598-1

The technical specifications of this product can be seen on this page.

Lifespan: over 50,000 hours
IEC 60598-1:2008
Impact Protection
Easy repair
IP code
Eco friendly
No UV rays
5 year warranty
High resistance
LED light source

Product Code
Electrical specifications
Nominal input voltage (V-AC/HZ)230/50
Input voltage range (V-AC/HZ) 90-270/50-60
Nominal input current (A)1.441.83
Power factorPF>0.95
Number of LEDs (pcs)384480
Number of LED modules (pcs)810
Nominal power of each LED (W)1
System power consumption (W)315400
Total harmonic distortion (THD)<10%
Operating voltage of the LED module (Vdc)48
Luminous Specifications
Parameter 300W400W
Type of Light SourceSMD LED
Luminous Flux (Lm)3600048000
Luminous Efficacy (Lm/W)120
Lumen maintenance factor after 1000 hours 98%
Color rendering index (CRI) Ra>70
Color temperature (Initial and maintained value)(°K) (±300)5700، 4000، 3000
Luminous intensity at the center of the system 2250
System light irradiation angle (deg)30-90
Chromaticity Coordinates7SDCM
Photometric Code740/779
Maintain light flux code
Nominal median lifetime, (L70, B50) (h)50,000
Mechanical specifications
Parameter300W 400W
Degree of Protection (IP) IP66
Mechanical impact resistance IK07 
Body MaterialAll diecast aluminum
Body CoverElectrostatic Powder Color With Code RAL 7024
Easy access lid to the light output terminaldoesn't have
Working Temperature Range(°C)-20 ~ +50
The maximum temperature TC (body temperature) (°C)730C760C
Acceptable MoistureUP TO 95%
Gender the final Wall LuminousTempered Flat Glass
Weight (kg)14.515.2
External Dimensions (mm)125*500*625
packingpowerful color printing

Light diffusion curve
Product dimensions

Himalia 3 LED flood Light

The lighting of large spaces, such as airport and stadium lighting, (due to the high consumption of electricity for lighting) requires precise lighting design and engineering to achieve the desired level of lighting. For this purpose, Shayan Barq Industrial Group added 300 and 400 watt Himalia LED floodlights to its list of production floodlights so that these powers can also be used in various lighting projects.

The Himalia floodlight has a wide range of power, designed for use in various lighting projects, ranging from 35 to 400 watts. which includes Himalaya 3 floodlight, 300 and 400 watts power.

In the equipment that is in the open air and in different environmental conditions, one should pay close attention to the degree of permeability or the degree of protection (IP). Himalia LED floodlight has IP66 and is resistant in all kinds of weather conditions and does not get damaged. They are from the high efficiency of this projector.

Himalia LED floodlight is a high efficiency lamp. The high brightness and light output of 120 lumens per watt of this floodlight are proof of this.

light source

In the Himalia LED floodlight, SMD LED is used for the optical part, which increases the efficiency of the floodlight.

Also, in the Himalia series, due to the use of the latest generation of lenses (integrated lenses), we will have different types of light distribution at different angles.

color temperature

Himalia LED floodlight is currently produced and supplied in Shayan Al-Elek industrial group with a color temperature of 4500 degrees Kelvin. But it also has the ability to produce different colors at 3000 and 6000 degrees Kelvin.

Body Material

In Himalia LED floodlight, aluminum is used to make the body. And aluminum has been cast by die-cast method, which causes low weight and heat transfer is done well.


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